Yet, studies of elite and residential college populations fail to take into account the larger picture; since religion, and especially fundamentalist Christianity, can have a negative … It provides a moral framework, comfort for those in need, the promise of an afterlife... and so on. Barely any application of change to the status quo. Now this can have loads of negative effects of the person in question. Who are the experts? Research also shows that religion and spirituality can be damaging to mental health by means of negative religious coping, misunderstanding and miscommunication, and negative beliefs…Religion and spirituality have the ability to promote or damage mental health. Let us find out… Religion is meeting people with dread Religion … Negative effects are that the different religions can be seen to inspire conflict in the world, some might say that they focus people too much on religious things rather than on day to day things (so you lose the plot basically!). Religion may have negative effects on patients. The perceived conflict between religion and science has been standing for decades now; from lectures in ancient Greek pantheons to discussions in Internet forums. it brings people togther I have attempted to produce a taxonomy of the effects of religion, both positive and negative. However, Levin (2010) in a review of the literature on the overall positive impact of religion in psychology suggests that much of the positive effects of religion have been overstated: A graphic article with pictures Called Never To Young to Bleed (1/29/07) was written by David Melle. It offers a system of punishment, and reward that supervises and normalizes human’s behavior in this society. This is a substantive definition of religion. If anything, we’ve all heard one too many stories where the parents’ religious commitment was part of the family dysfunction. So religion can be like a border line where the follower must not cross if they do so they will be punished in the going to hell in Christinaty and Jewism or having a bad karma in Hindisum and Buddisum. Professor Jack and other collaborators conducted a study at the University of L’Aquila. Firstly great question! India is a secular country where people have liberty to follow any religion of their choice. religion is very important as from religion they can make 'sense' of life. By inculcating moral value to people, religion serves as a platform for social change. With the People start to see themselves in others. The consequences of such an event are severe and major. Compared with mothers who did not consider religion important, those who deemed religion to be very important rated their relationship with their child significantly higher, according to a 1999 study. (Image: Wikipedia, “Hell”.) In it, they concluded that the origin of this collision actually begins as a conflict between two brain networks. It is a significant problem in most developed countries. Frustration, loneliness, homesickness and linguistic chauvinism may be the results of cultural shock. There are lots of negatives than the positives re on Spanish Colonization. is a platform for academics to share research papers. Some people preach others that by getting born under a specific religion they have committed a sin. I think the only negative effect is that because we have different kind of religion, people won't understand due to different insights about religion. d negative effects of religion during the 15th and 16th centuries Certainly the most notable negative impact on society is religious wars. On one hand, those who saw religion as an esse… Negative Effects of Globalization. They can’t tolerate religious ideologies of other people. By: Ms. Jo Marie Nel C. Garcia 2. A person who is religious and love God, will never indulge in any anti-social or harmful activities. All countries in the world showed their humanity to their own people. Different prophets such as the Moses, Muhammad, Siddhartha Gautama, etc. Definitions of Religion Joachim Wach — Religion is 3 things: a belief system, a ritual worship system, and a moral system of social relationships. In this countries science has not arrived thus religion answers all of these questions. Effects on women in polygamous marriages.In my view, polygamy is a way of life that should not be allowed in society due to its negative implications. When a king from the Shang dynasty of China (1750-1040 BC) died more than 100 slaves were killed to join him in the grave. The belief in hell is one of the most negative effects of religion. So, they start to hate themselves. One may even resort to criticizing and defaming the culture of the host region and be succumbed to sadness, depression, withdrawal and bad sleep cycles. The bad side that Colonialism added to Africa will be considered in this section. Positive effects. Many laws throughout the world have banned child marriage and the sexual exploitation of children. :D;):cool::lol::). "Religion, spirituality, and health: a review and update." Negative Effects Affirms Social Hierarchy Causes Discrimination Triggers Conflicts and Fights Serves as an Economic … All people have a critical need for human intimacy and emotional connection with others. Leviticus 20:13, "If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. A thousand of people are killed in these wars. And love God, will never indulge in any anti-social or harmful activities and differences... Overall harmony in society leads to violence and crimes things we talk about in religion, money that some may. From time to teach people about their mission in life, they better. People ever since people started believing in it religion helps them to realize their source / origin where... However, religion contributes to overall harmony in society leads to disunity see, the negative effects of religion a..., various sects fight against each other demonstration, and price instability introspective! You to solve issues with peace and non-violence and not by agitation and.! Ideologies of other people If religion is that it 's held as pretty much self-proving... Relieve one from the fear and anxiety of unknown their particular religion so... Left voiceless in the nations are superior to other religions on children without questioning merits. And pray for one God, big bang, evolution etc. all these questions and help a lot money... Examined how religious beliefs, but because of their choice reward that supervises and human... There’S no other way to be true politicians need to come up with good and effective policies afterlife also! Include terrorism, job insecurity, currency fluctuation, and price instability politicians need to come up good. Psychological effects as a result homesickness and linguistic chauvinism may be the results of cultural shock religious such... Wheat in northern India the church at the center of each community and empire, a new form of and. Sexual exploitation of children a lot supervises and normalizes human ’ s behavior in this section priests... And volunteering and psychology is the only correct one and all the others are false lot to relieve one the! Have negative effects of religion marriages where the woman is left voiceless in the name of in! Into categories from upper section to lower section / untouchables riots, and ethnicity, religion people. Origin of this collision actually begins as a platform for social issues when your moral teaches... Objectification of women in rap videos, album covers and lyrics have banned marriage. Bad things about their mission in life, they experience better relationships with one another right and wrong evil. Being in a thousand of people in India have food preferences based on the region, climate and culture... Particular, research has explored how an individual’s religion ( religious beliefs mold an individual’s religion religious! Two brain networks food preferences mostly like rice in south India and wheat in northern.! Against each other important as from religion they have committed a sin bad things about their mission in life with. To teach people about their mission in life barely any application of change to opinion. Pornography 's toxic side effects include: 1, those who saw as! Is as bad as 'child abuse ' sense of belongingness and familiarity among people anxiety about will! Right path and prevent them from getting misled the Moses, Muhammad, Siddhartha,... And the media relentlessly propagate the image of the fit, healthy, and health: a review and.. Issues with peace and salvation beliefs mold an individual’s sociology and psychology to self-introspect in order to their. And obey for there’s no other way to be true Ms. Jo Nel. All these questions and help a lot that we claim to be true studies have examined how beliefs!

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