MacClean, Edward (convict) Braiden, Samuel (ships’ crew) Winter, John (crew) Fitzgerald, Henry (ship’s crew) Robinson, William (convict) March, William (ship’s crew) Use Gale Primary Sources now Holloway, James (convict) Yardsley, Thomas (convict), Able/Tilley, Mary (convict) Prayer meetings were held every morning and afternoon, with a full church service on Sundays. Moore, Henry (ship’s crew) Scott, Elizabeth (marine’s child – born during voyage) As farm workers in particular, the German immigrants were valued for their steady industriousness, and the origins of South Australia's wine industry are credited with individual … Arscott, John (convict) Spencer, Mary (convict’s family - born at sea) Wright, Matthew (marine) Sisson, Unknown (ship’s crew) Daly/Warburton, Ann (convict) Peter Lalor, the goldminer and politician who played a leading role in... — Australian Dictionary of Biography ANU (@NCB_ANU) Feb 05, 2021. Carter, Richard (convict) Roberts, John (marine) Miller, Andrew (commissary of stores) Kennedy, John (marine) Repeat, Charles (convict) Blackburn, David (ships’ crew) Watts, John (marine officer) Wilkinson, Joseph (ship’s crew) Richardson, John/William (convict) Donovan, Stephen (crew) Winstead, John (marine) Hern, William (ship’s crew) Smith, Ann (convict’s child) Brown, William French (convict) Herbert/ Russell, Jane/Jenny (convict) Sampson, Peter (convict) Turner, John (marine) Tomlinson, Laurence (ships’ crew) Granger, Charles (convict) Wright, Joseph (convict) Harp, Thomas (crew) Blunt, William (convict) Smith, Edward (convict) Martin, Ann (convict) Plyer, George (marine) Lucas, Thomas (marine) Wilkins, John (marine) Richardson, William (convict) Martin, Charles (crew) Brown, James (crew) Worsdell, William (convict), Armstrong, Archibald (crew) Their passage was either paid for by the Canterbury Association, or by their future employers, travelling in the same ship. Hill, John (convict) Chapman, Thomas (marine) Alexander Borrowdale Charlotte Fishburn Friendship Golden Grove HMS Sirius HMS Supply Lady Penrhyn Prince of Wales Scarborough. Roberts, Peter (ship’s crew) Dyer, Leonard (convict) Field, William (convict) Bishop, Thomas (marine) Parker, William (ships’ crew)Phillip, Arthur (governor of NSW) Stokoe, John (convict) Art the "firslfc four .ships'' that br